25 Things About Me, 7 Years Later

You know I’m behind on this blog when I start posting stupid old stuff. This is a perfect example. I found it in some old drafts while I was looking at other stupid old stuff.

1. My favorite band might be Led Zeppelin; the first album I ever bought was Led Zeppelin 4; my favorite Zeppelin song is Since I’ve Been Loving You. Having said all that, my favorite album is Dark Side of the Moon.

2. I was born in Santa Monica Hospital, in the same room as my father, uncle and brother. We all think this is hysterical.

3. I always choose tails in a game of heads or tails. Given a choice I go with left instead of right. And I don’t think I have ever called “Shotgun!” in time to get the front seat.

4. I have a gigantic fear of flying and I haven’t been on an airplane in 12 years. [Update: 19 years.]

5. When I was young I found out I share a birthday with Charles Manson and ever since I have been overly fascinated with him and his “family.” [Update: still true.]

6. I love The Carpenters.

7. I lost something, smoked something and did did some other stuff (in that order) for the first time all within the same two weeks when I was 18. There are two people on my facebook page who were close to me during these shenanigans. You know who you are.

8. I own a piano. It’s here in my house but I don’t know how to play. [Update: I live in a different house now. The piano is in the storage shed in the back yard.]

9. I bit into a bulb of garlic once on a dare. It is one of the sickest things I have ever done. It was outside Joe’s in North Beach in San Francisco.

10. When I was young, my family used to rent a house on Balboa Island, and I became obsessed with a pillow on the couch. It had a big eye on it and it said “I’m Watching You.” The people ended up giving me the pillow and I still have it, which makes it the one object I have owned the longest.

11. My favorite creature in the world is my boxer Shamus McDog. [Update: Shamus was put to sleep in December last year. God dammit I miss that little boy.]

12. When I was 12 I saw the movie Alien in the theater on what was kind of my first date. Ever since, I’ve had a lifetime love for horror movies.

13. I could eat hamburgers everyday for the rest of my life. I just love ’em.

14. I have never owned a passport and the farthest out of the country I have ever been is Rosarito, Mexico.

15. If it weren’t for my yoga practice I would feel completely lost in life.

16. I love taking seaweed baths at Burke Williams because it reminds me of the smell of Balboa Bay and the calm and mystery of the ocean. I spent a whole summer when I was 14 swimming in the bay, playing Asteroids, and listening to Journey’s Escape album and the smell of seaweed takes me right there, every time.

17. I cannot stand anything flavored in my coffee.

18. The most scared I have ever been is when I was in a house fire two years ago. I got all burned and had burns on my face and felt like the Elephant Man.

19. I pretty much sleep in 365 days a year. I never set my alarm for any reason.

20. I should have been a cake decorator.

21. I lived on a boat when I was 24.

22. I used to live in San Francisco and the most beautiful thing in the world to me is the sight of fog on the Golden Gate Bridge and the ding-a-ling of cable cars.

23. I was 30 when my father died. He had a heart attack on the steps of the Santa Monica courthouse on his way to work. He was the warmest and most handsome man I have ever known.

24. I love having secrets. Given the chance I will hide something from you, but only for about five minutes, then I just have to tell.

25. I have learned this year that no matter what, everything will be OK. And thank god for music because it’ll give you hope when you feel like you are in the middle of darkness.

I thought I’d be changing a bunch of this, but I didn’t change anything. I might put on The Carpenters now.