Daily Horror

I need more unicorns in my life.

I wrote about 29 horror movies. I got behind. My friend Melissa had to step in and write one. Three things:

I love horror movies. But after the first week I started to feel really weird. Like, everyone was secretly a murderer weird.

I wonder about the mentality of the kind of person who directs horror movies, one after the other. They must feel really weird too. What do they talk about with their families at the dinner table every night? The best ways to authenticate the color and appearance of spewing blood?

I have a lower threshold for gore than I thought.

And now, a few toppers:

Most viewed movie here: Se7en

Most disturbing movie I watched all month, and ever in my life: The Last House on the Left The Last House on the Left

Most fun one to watch and write about: The Funhouse

The Funhouse
Tied with: Rosemary’s Baby Rosemary’s Baby

The one I’m kind of pissed off at for being so creepy(I couldn’t even write the whole title at first): Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


I’m honestly glad it’s November. Love poems, rainbows and unicorns coming next.

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