My Kate Moss Obsession

I wrote a new piece for elephant journal. It’s a super suckathon. It’s called “A “Suck it” List to Beat Any Bucket List.” Three things:

  1. I can’t stand the bucket list thing,
  2. I have a fondness for stuff that rhymes—in particular the words “smitten kitten” and “okey dokey” to which you can add “doggie daddy” and you’re Alabama Worley, and
  3. a “fuck it” list would have ended up sounding bitter and weird.

I am the most tenacious person you will ever know. I am the person who would stand in front of one of the guards outside Buckingham Palace and try to make him laugh, just because they say it can’t be done. I read once you can’t hold an egg in one hand and crack it. Wrong.

So I spent an entire day and a half trying to find an unrestricted copy of this photo, because Kate Moss has the right ‘tude for a “suck it” list:


It doesn’t exist. If it did, I would have found it. I’m like a drug-sniffing dog.

Then there was this:


I thought it was Heidi Klum. It actually might be. I have no idea. Suck it, Google. You don’t know shit. And I couldn’t use that one either.

I ended up reading about a recent photo exhibit in London of Kate Moss photos. My god. What a goddess.


…But that one had nothing to do with my suckalicious list. So I found this, and added the “suck it!” part:


I might save it for something else. In the end, I went with this:

A “Suck it” List to Beat Any Bucket List.

Written by Anne Clendening
Anne Clendening was born and raised in L.A. She's a yoga teacher, a writer and occasionally slings cocktails in a Hollywood bar. She could eat chocolate cake for every meal of the day. She has a huge fear of heights and flying. And fire. She wishes she could speak French, play her guitar better and make cannoli. She's probably listening to The Dark Side Of The Moon right now, kickin’ it with her boxer dog and her hot Australian husband ★