It’s not often I get to say this, mostly because I spent the last two years working on Bent and basically had no time whatsoever to write anything else, but I posted something on Elephant Journal not long ago and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. It’s happy. It just might be the happiest thing I’ve ever put out there.

I had the idea for this in the back of my head for at least a year. I also wrote the last line first, which means I spent an entire year knowing how this thing would end but not necessarily how it would begin. So after all the book stuff was done and I could function again like a normal human, I finally sat down and banged it all out. I called it The Truth About Being Awesome. They ended up changing the title, but it still fits.

So I don’t really know if writing two things in a row I’d been meaning to write can be considered being on a roll, bu that’s exactly what I did. I had this one in my head even longer than the last one. And once I found the Barbie picture, it all came spilling out. I literally wrote it in like, a day. I don’t think I’ve ever once done that.

And now I’m sitting here on a Wednesday night, watching home renovation shows and trying to think of what to write next. I’m tempted to go poilitical. God knows I have a lot to say there, although it’s not all that happy. Or I could just sit here eating sunflower seeds and imagining myself flipping houses. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to get angry about tomorrow.