Weird Yellow Smoking Teddy Bear.

The below image is ‘Wilson’ by Frank Kozik’, a 12 x 16 inch canvas for $500

I have to get in the shower in 25 minutes and go to work. So, figuring I had just enough time to write something, I googled “25 minutes”. This is the most interesting thing I found.

He’s definitely male, because his name is Wilson. He looks like a Wilson. I’m worried though: he’s smoking, and he has an X on his forehead, like a Manson family member. And I can see in his eyes he’s clearly contemplating evil. What the hell? He looks, like, 75 years old. He has razor stubble, which means he’s lazy. And those holes in his tummy? They look like hand warmers. A tubby, old, slothful, cult following little guy, puffing away.

Awesome. To give credit where it’s due, click here to see a little about the artist. There’s a weird pumpkin too. Gotta get in the shower and split now ❤