And Again, More 100 Party Songs

Last ones for now, until I get stuck writing again.

50. “Beat It” by Michael Jackson (1982). I’m shocked this didn’t appear before. And it’s the first song off Thriller. Come on! Oh, good video too.

49. “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem (2007). There’s such a thing as a song moving too fast. This is it.

48. “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross (1980). Not my favorite Diana Ross song. I’d rather hear “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” But I’m a fan.

47. “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross (1981). Lutha. I loved him. Groovy song.

46. “What’d I Say” by Ray Charles (1959). It makes me want to sit at Arnold’s and order a root beer float. While I’m in a Quentin Tarantino movie acting like a badass. Love it.

45. “Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine” by James Brown (1970). Why does no one make music like this anymore? It’s called horns. And groove. And swagger.

44. “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc (1979). I love disco because it’s about nothing but dancing and gettin’ down. No social significance whatsoever.

43. “1999” by Prince (1982). Great song off one of my top five albums ever. Except the beginning and the end of the song. Kinda weird.

42. “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé featuring Jay Z (2014). How do these non-party songs sneak on here?

41. “Intergalactic” by Beastie Boys (1998). Annoying. Sorry. Not the band—the song.

I don’t know when I’ll get to the rest. I might come across something more important to write about by the time I’m 50, which is the whole reason I’m posting stuff every day. Then again, I do love music… Hey there’s my guitar! See ya~

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The 100 best party songs

Written by Anne Clendening
Anne Clendening was born and raised in L.A. She's a yoga teacher, a writer and occasionally slings cocktails in a Hollywood bar. She could eat chocolate cake for every meal of the day. She has a huge fear of heights and flying. And fire. She wishes she could speak French, play her guitar better and make cannoli. She's probably listening to The Dark Side Of The Moon right now, kickin’ it with her boxer dog and her hot Australian husband ★