Bad Girl.

 GlamourMadonna8Madonna’s first album is one of my favorite albums ever, and it has my favorite Madonna song on it, Physical Attraction. It’s been 32 years, and I still listen to it from beginning to end all the time, usually cranked pretty high in my car with the top down.

Facts. I waited on her once when I was cocktailing at the Tea Room on Melrose (which became the Martini Lounge, where I also worked, both of which are long gone). She was in her black hair and nose-ring-with-a-chain-to-an-earring phase, which I’m guessing was around 1994. She ordered a glass of water. I was dying. I sprained my ankle in high school doing the Lucky Star dance—specifically, I was doing the kick-up. I stood in line for the Sex book when I lived is San Francisco. I think it was $100. I used to take my dog to the park right under the Hollywood sign, at the top of Beachwood Canyon, right by Madonna’s house. It has a name: Castillo del Lago, and Bugsy Siegal used to own it. She painted the huge outside wall with some stupid stripes; you couldn’t miss it.  I saw her once again at a different bar where I worked on Sunset & Vine. I’m here to tell you, those photos of her arms aren’t photoshopped. They were insane. I just found the acoustic guitar chords to Physical Attraction. It’s harder to play than you would think.

In no order, (probably) my top 10 Madonna songs:

madonna, a playlist by Anne Clendening on Spotify 30 years later, Rolling Stone and Billboard offered a look back at how it all began I couldn’t decide which one was better, so here’s both. How Madonna Became Madonna: An Oral History

‘Madonna’ Turns 30: A Look Back at the Queen of Pop’s Debut Album

Written by Anne Clendening
Anne Clendening was born and raised in L.A. She's a yoga teacher, a writer and occasionally slings cocktails in a Hollywood bar. She could eat chocolate cake for every meal of the day. She has a huge fear of heights and flying. And fire. She wishes she could speak French, play her guitar better and make cannoli. She's probably listening to The Dark Side Of The Moon right now, kickin’ it with her boxer dog and her hot Australian husband ★