The 100 Best Party Songs

So I needed a lyrical riff for something I was writing along the lines of “mama-se, mama-sa, ma-ma-coo-sa.” (If you don’t know, I’m not explaining it. Google it, and then smile.) And I found this list. Let’s talk about the top 10.

10. “Gold Digger” by Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx (2005). Please. It’s annoying, and not at all catchy.

9. “You Got The Love” by The Source featuring Candi Staton (1991). Ditto. C’mon, now.

8. “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie, 1983. Now we’re talking. I remember dancing to this at 3-2-1, an all ages dance club in Santa Monica when I was 16. I think I lied to my parents about going there, because they thought there was booze there and raunchy music. They were right. I wonder: how do people like David Bowie raise kids? “No, you can’t go to Lucy’s house. Her family eats at 7:00 every night and they listen to opera.”

7. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston (1987). One of the most irritating songs ever. But damn, she was beautiful back in the day.

6. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams (2013). This isn’t Jamiroquai?

5. “Ignition (Remix)” by R Kelly (2003). When I used to bartend, I would here this song every. Single. Night. It gets stuck in your head. I resent it for that. But it is catchy.

4. “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac (1988). Um, no. What about “You Make Lovin’ Fun?” Or “Rhiannon?” I had no idea this list was going to be so lame.

3. “All Night Long (All Night)” by Lionel Richie (1983). This one didn’t come with the date, so I guessed. Of course I was right. I love this song, I love cheesy Lionel Richie songs and other equally cheesy 80’s music. Not sorry.

2. “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson (1979). And there it is. The dance anthem of the ages. So freakin’ awesome. It’s impossible not to love a Michael Jackson song like this.

1.  “Hey Ya” by Outkast (2003). Oh my god, I totally forgot about this song. It is pretty dance-able. And so 2000’s.

Next: Songs 11-20 (Maybe. Unless something comes up. Which is doubtful.)

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The 100 best party songs

Written by Anne Clendening
Anne Clendening was born and raised in L.A. She's a yoga teacher, a writer and occasionally slings cocktails in a Hollywood bar. She could eat chocolate cake for every meal of the day. She has a huge fear of heights and flying. And fire. She wishes she could speak French, play her guitar better and make cannoli. She's probably listening to The Dark Side Of The Moon right now, kickin’ it with her boxer dog and her hot Australian husband ★